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Our Visit to the ABC Studios!!

Apr 15, 2018

The ABC News Desk.


One of our awesome film studies students Charlotte Ryan, recounts the fabulous time we all had at our recent trip to the ABC’s studios in Sydney!


Charlotte’s Blog!


Last week on Wednesday Bus Stop Films went to visit the ABC’s Ultimo Studios and we had two tour guides take us around to visit and show us around we firstly went to visit giggle and hoot rehearsals in the rehearsal room where they were filming a new music video song about tooth brushing and we got to hold the puppets of Giggle and Hoot and ask the cast members questions and see half the filming on set which was pretty cool and we also got to hold the props which were made by the art department !

It was so awesome to be on the set of Giggle and Hoot.

Best Day!

And Stef our film school teacher also let us have a sneaky treat of donuts which were very tasty as everyone raved about ! Next we went to visit the radio control room and see where staff do radio interviews and bands play which was pretty cool and awesome as everyone enjoyed seeing . Next we went to visit the rehearsal studio to watch play school rehearse the rocket clock which was very cool but funny as well . And we also got to see the set in the studio and get photos after each take in rehearsals as everyone was amazed ! We then went to visit ABC NEWS 24 hour desk, we got to all have a group photo behind the desk which everyone really thought was awesome. After we finished our excursion tour the ABC were very generous with making us a very lovely catered lunch with sandwiches and juice and water which everyone raved about we all had a ball at the excursion.

We got to read the news!!

All smiles at the ABC.

Fun times at the ABC

News Time!

Reading the news!

Here’s what our class thought about our visit to the ABC!!

Did everyone enjoy the visit ? Yes

What were the highlights of the excursion ?

  • Julian – Giggle and Hoot

  • Nicole – liked Giggle and Hoot rehearsals and Play School and behind the scenes process of it all.

  • Chris – he liked the technology and cranes and cameras and camera equipment and lighting equipment.

  • Bevan – he liked seeing the directors and screen writers.

  • Chris B – he liked the radio interviews.

  • Ashley – she liked Play School, Giggle and Hoot, and the lunch we had all together which was nice.

  • Digby – he liked Giggle and Hoot because he had never seen the show before but meeting the characters and cast and seeing the magic which is gonna be cool for the next generation of our time.

A very famous doll indeed!

What were you most looking forward to ?

  • Bevan – learning more about the process.

  • Nicole – learning more about behind the scenes

  • Maddy – the news desk the most.

  • Matty – the screens in the news desk

Big Ted Love!

What areas of the ABC did you get to see ?

Nicole – ABC news desk

We all saw the Play School rehearsal and Giggle and Hoot set and the ABC radio control room.

Such a fun day!

What did you learn that might help you learn more ?

  • Julian – visiting the ABC was inspiring to help Julian learn more about operating cameras.

  • Chris – so Chris learnt about more special lightning used for the ABC news desk

  • Bevan – Giggle and Hoot and Play School and the radio interviews

  • Chris B – types of equipment to host a radio show

  • Julian – the Play School rehearsal cause he got to see the rocket clock and see whatʼs inside it

Big Ted is the best!

Where do I think bus stop films should go next for a excursion?

  • Channel Ten studios

  • Channel Seven studios

  • Channel nine studios

  • Studio 10 studios

  • Summer Bay – Home and Away set

  • Big Bang studios Motion capture studios

  • Capitol Theatre

  • Star City Lyric Theatre

  • Brent street studios

  • NIDA Theatre and backstage of NIDA

  • Red carpet premiere of Little Monsters

  • PLC SYDNEY to their theatre and visit backstage of Beauty and the Beast musical

Best Day!

And a very huge big thank you to all of the ABC staff and Bus Stop Films staff who looked after us all day at the excursion and planned this excursion, we all had such an amazing time and a ball, we all loved the day so much!

By Charlotte Ryan