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The Angus Project – on set for a cracker comedy.

Jun 21, 2018

Recently our awesome students were invited to the set of The Angus Project. The Angus Project is a comedy web series created by Angus Thompson and Nina Oyama, funded by the ABC Comedy – FreshBlood initiative & Screen Australia.

The show stars Nina Oyama and Angus Thompson who spends a lot of time in a wheel chair, and even more time partying. The show is based on their real life experiences as carer and client, as Angus has Cerebral Palsy.

The students were part of a large crowd scene set in a community hall – a Paralympian has come to town to give a motivational speech and a number of townspeople have come to watch. Angus’ character is the athlete’s biggest fan and is gunning to get an interview with her for the local paper.

Craig Anderson, a super awesome friend of Bus Stop Films is Series Producing The Angus Project and was on set as 1st AD. A massive thanks to Bronte Joveski for inviting us to be part of the filming!

One of our newest student’s Rae, has written a fab account of the students time on set.

Take it away….. Rae!!

I’ve been a student since the beginning of this year. My favourite part of Bus Stop Films is learning lots of different things for film making. Recently I was an extra on The Angus Project. It was filmed in a church hall and there were other students from Bus Stop Films there too.

Inside the church hall, they had lots of chairs lined up for everyone to sit down on. They had some other props – like a table with food on, but we weren’t allowed to eat any of it!  The lights and camera’s were all set up too and they had some of the windows covered to make the hall darker.

Having Fun on Set!

We had to listen to the assistant director as he told us what he wanted us to do in each scene. We didn’t say any lines but sometimes we had to cheer and clap as a group.

I spent sometime with the sound guy who let me listen through his head phones. The show is a comedy- so there were lots of funny scenes. It was very interesting being an extra on a TV episode and seeing how they film. I can’t wait to see the episode when it is shown later in the year! The cast and crew on the Angus Project were really lovely and made the morning heaps of fun.

Sometimes we laughed so much, it was hard to be quite ?

My favourite movie of all time is Wonder Woman because it is about Diana Prince saving the world. I like the Actress who plays Diana Prince and the way that the film is set and how the characters develop.

By Rae!


Thanks to much to The Angus Project!