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Bus Stop Films is currently casting for our 2023 class film projects. We have roles in Sydney, Wollongong, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth. To view the roles click on the Starnow link and apply directly or by email – if you don’t have a Starnow profile.


Shooting in Melbourne – Sunday 12 August, 2023

An estranged married couple meet up for their kids pick up and drop off. The estranged wife decides to bring her new boyfriend to the event to make her husband jealous. Turns out her boyfriend doesn’t want to be the butt of anyone’s jokes. 

We’re looking for all key roles. Apply via starnow or email Attn Casting Role <insert name of role> with your headshot. 

Bystander Effect

Sydney Shoot – Sunday 27 August, 2023

Set in the 1950’s on a tram a young man is up against a couple of bullies. With passengers all looking and no help, how will it end.

We’re looking for our lead actor and our supporting cast.

Conductor – Older man – small role 

Lead- A male in his 20’s who is neurodiverse and looking to make a friend or two. 

Bullies- 2 bullies who are rambucious and causing havoc on the tram. 

Apply via starnow or email Attn: Role of <insert role name> with your headshot

Song for Skyla

Brisbane Shoot – Saturday August 19, 2023

We are looking for our two lead actors for this Short Film. 

Skyla is a young woman who is bright and a bit eccentric in how she dresses. She is Autistic and has been best friends with Ben for a long time. She now has to decide if she does actually want to be more than just friends with Ben.

Ben is Autistic and has been best friends with Skyla for a long time. Ben has set up a beautiful picnic and has prepared a song to hopefully win Skyla over.

Must be comfortable with hand holding and a kiss.
This is authentic casting only

Apply via starnow or email Attn: Role of <insert role name> with your headshot

Fighting Feelings

Shooting in Sydney NSW – Saturday 2 September 2023

Two wrestlers go head to head for the championship belt only to discover that they are actually falling in love. 

We’re looking for our two lead actors, must be able to know how to break a fall, sing and be comfortable kissing another male. 

Apply through starnow or email Attn: Casting Wrestler along with your headshot. 

Dinner Expectations

Shooting in Sydney NSW – 17 September 2023

Looking for our 2 lead actors
She is a warrior. She is strong, determined, fiercely independent, a perfectionist and a very talented cook with a head for business. She has been married to Nick for 10 year and really wants to be a mum. Her family is everything to her and even though she lives her own life, she prefers to do it with the blessing of those she loves. Sarah has Down Syndrome or a neuro-divergence.
He is a jokestar, always putting everyone at ease and ensuring everyone feels comfortable, happy and included. He is the Ying to Sarah’s Yang. He has forged an independent life, living with Sarah for the past 10 years and loves travelling, entertaining and stand-up comedy. He has a knack for making everyone feel at ease and family is his top priority, especially Sarah and their soon to be daughter.
To apply email Attn Casting Role of Nick/Sarah along with your headshot
I've Got You

Shooting in Wollongong NSW 23 September, 2023

We are looking for you a young woman (20-25) who is low vision or blind to play the lead role Maya in the film. Maya is trying to find her way as a new mother however she always feels like she is being watched.  Apply via starnow or email Attn: Casting Role of Maya with your Headshot. 

Let me Go

Shooting in Canberra – 14 October, 2023

An LGBTQI+ story of a young man who decides to take on a job to kidnapp another person in order to get the money he needs to find his true love. It begs the question, what would you do for love?

We are looking for our two lead actors.

Ash- In his 30’s well dressed, clean shaven and works in the corporate world. 

Mark- In his 30’s and always caught up with the wrong people. 

Apply via starnow or email Attn: Casting <insert name of role> with your headshoot.

Middle Management

Shooting in Perth – Sunday 8, October 2023

Sarah starts her new job only to find out it isn’t exactly what she was hoping for. Sarah leads the charge on defying her bosses and changes the workplace culture.

We are looking for all three roles in this film. 

Sarah: Bright, bubbly enthusiastic. Sarah is about to start her first day at a new job. She is an exceedingly positive, chatty person who is maybe a little naive about how the world works. Nevertheless she has a very certain view on what’s right and wrong and always seeks to brighten other peoples days.

Jane: World worn and wary Jane can’t remember how long she’s been working at Corporate Solutions. Every day, she just puts her head down and tries not to draw the ire of the boss. All this egg shell walking has made her very cautious and cagey, wary of any kind of change or even hope of change.

Helen: Prim, proper, wound tight. Helen loves her job. It’s her purpose. She loves the power it gives over her lowly underlings and she relishes every opportunity to improve efficiency; no matter the cost. She wields her authority with an iron fist, putting the “micro” in “micro-managing”.

Apply via Starnow or email Attn: Casting Role <insert name of role>.

Healing Heroes

Shooting in Canberra (need to be Canberra local) 15 October 2023

In a family where everyone has a superpower what happens when you’re the first who doesn’t? 

We are looking for two sibilings and a father. 

Apply via starnow or email Attn Casting <insert role> with your headshot and showreel.