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Valiant Casting Call



Bus Stop Films (BSF) are producing a new short film, Valiant. It will be filmed in Sydney on August 2 & 3. Valiant has been inclusively developed in partnership with Northcott, to educate people living with disability about consent, sexuality and building and maintaining healthy relationships.

Valiant is directed by Claudia Bailey and written by Emily Dash with input from BSF students. 

There are 8 key roles in the film. First time actors are welcome.

We’re focused on authentic casting and welcome people with lived experience from all cultures, communities and underrepresented groups to apply. 


LOU (23 YRS OLD) – (Female/she/her)

Lou is a vivacious, spirited and intense person. Times that by ten when she falls in love. She puts her romantic partners on a pedestal and treats them as the most important thing in her life, sometimes to her own detriment. So when her first long-term relationship with Billie starts to crumble before her own eyes, she is catatonic.


BILLIE (25 YRS OLD) – (Female/she/her)


Billie is the calm to Lou’s storm. She is cautious, patient and ambitious. Everyone has always said they were the perfect match, as Billie is the only person that can ground and centre Lou on earth. But it’s not enough anymore, Billie needs to prioritise herself, more than just being someone else’s anchor.


While individuals are welcome to apply as well, real life couples are encouraged to apply for the roles of Bailey and Casey! 

BAILEY (Age open – must be over 18) (Male/he/him)


Bailey brightens every room he walks into due to his natural charisma and boyish playfulness. He was voted ‘life of the party’ in high school and it still rings true. But those who really know Bailey, know that this is just a mask for his own insecurities. This means he sometimes rushes into things before checking to see if his partner, Casey, is ready.

CASEY (Age open – must be over 18) (Female/she/her)


Casey is fiercely independent. She never thought of herself as a relationship person so when Bailey appeared in her life, he took her by surprise. But he makes her laugh more than anyone in the world. She finds herself having to often remind Bailey that there is no rush and that they can go at their own pace.

SAM (17 YEARS OLD) – (Female/she/her)


Sam has always been a romantic. She devours YA books like it’s a sport, has watched every rom-com on Netflix and had more crushes than you could count. But she is still searching for that special person. So when she sees Alex for the first time at the skatepark, so cool and casual, she is a goner.

ALEX (17/18 YEARS OLD) – (Male or Female/he/she/they)


Alex is effortlessly cool. They could wear a paper bag and suit it! People are often surprised when they learn that Alex is actually a very shy and socially anxious person. So when Sam approaches them, they are overwhelmed by her confidence. However, maybe this is the thing that will bring them out of their shell! 

TAYLOR (20 YEARS OLD) (Male/he/him)

Taylor has a golden heart. The kind of person you meet and feel a warmth rush over you. He will always notice you in a group and include you. When he met Joe, he was stunned by his intellect and banter. He instantly knew that he had found the one but knows that he needs to help Joe overcome his own insecurities and believe in himself before getting into a really serious relationship.

JOE (20 YEARS OLD) – (Male/he/him)


Joe is known for his beautiful mind. He is extremely witty and people often gravitate towards him at dinner parties for interesting conversations. But he is riddled by insecurities as he hasn’t had much luck in relationships. He has many walls up that only the kindness of someone like Taylor allows for them to come down.

To apply please complete the attached form and let us know which role you would like to apply for – you can apply for more than one role!

Applications close on Friday 25th June.

Please send any enquiries to