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Bus Stop Employment

Experts in what we do

Bus Stop Employment focuses on providing professional screen industry workplace opportunities. With over 15 years of experience, we’ve worked alongside the industry to build confidence and capacity in the sector around disability employment. We’ve placed over 1000 people with disability into employment and through our advocacy work we continue to facilitate meaningful employment opportunities across the country. Our participants have worked on Sony’s Anyone But You, Marvel Disney’s Thor: Love and Thunder and Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Neighbours , Survivor, MasterChef and TVC’s for companies including Kia, NIB and Optus and many other productions. We continue to lead the way in #inclusivefilmmaking with over 85 inclusively made films. Our footprint on the film industry and our expertise make us a powerhouse to work and collaborate with.


Bus Stop Employment is open to all individuals 17 years and above who identify as having a disability and would like to gain employment in the screen industry.

All participants of Bus Stop Employment are require to complete the Initial Workplace Assessment to determine your experience, knowledge and employment goals to ensure we can best support you. 

We promote full inclusion in the workforce and aim to have our participants join workplaces that are open, friendly and meet our ethos.

What we offer

Initial Workplace Assessment

Working alongside our employment team, you’ll complete a one on one employment assessment to determine the following:

  • Current skill level 
  • Career goals 
  • Career pathway 
  • Workplace accommodations 

Work Ready Training Modules 

Module 1: What Do I Need To Be Work Ready?

  • Learn about the screen industry
  • Build out your professional industry CV
  • Preparing for your goals and building steps to achieve these 
  • Building your online employment profile

Module 2: My Steps to Interview Success  

  • How to best present yourself in an interview both face to face and on zoom
  • Preparing your answers for interview questions
  • Follow up from the interview

Module 3: Pitching My Project

  • How to effectively pitch your own work
  • Learning how to set review contracts
  • Basic budgeting

Module 4: Building My Personal Brand

  • Understand Personal Branding
  • Explore How This can Support Your Career Aspirations
  • Consider How To Position and Align Your Brand For Success 

Module 5: Advocacy and Leadership My Way

  • Learn about your rights at work and beyong
  • Learn about your rights as a Filmmaker
  • Learn about Leadership and
  • Consider if being a Leader is For You

Mentoring sessions with Heads of Department

Access to key Heads of Department that can provide insight and mentorship around specific roles (eg Camera, Sound, VFX, Hair and Make Up etc) and assist you in preparing for the tasks that you might be asked to perform in the role.


Learn and hear from industry experts. These will be on an adhoc basis.

Program Schedules


OfferingMode of DeliveryDuration
Module 12.5 hour group session and 1.5 hour one on one 4 hours
Module 2one on one1 .5 hour
Module 3one on one1.5 hour
Module 4one on one1.5 hours
Module 52 hour group session and 2 hour one on one4 hours
Mentorshiponline via zoom1 hour
Masterclassonline via zoom1 hour
Initial Workplace Assessmentone on one1 hour


Fee Structure

Bus Stop Films is not a registered NDIS provider, however participants can pay using their NDIS funding. Participants can be either Plan Managed or Self-Managed.


Membership fee$500 (annually)*
Initial Workplace Assessment$150 (non-refundable)
Training Module 1 -What do I need to be work ready? $500
Training Module 2- My steps to interview success$275
Training Module 3- Pitching my project$275
Training Module 4- Building my personal brand$275
Training Module 5- Advocacy and leadership my way$500
Mentorship$250 per hour

*Required to be paid upfront at the time of sign up. Fee is not applicable for participants currently enrolled in Bus Stop Films Accessible Film Studies Program.

BS Employment Terms and Conditions