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Employment Training Modules

Module 1: Putting your best foot forward

  • Learn about the screen industry
  • Build out your professional industry CV
  • Preparing for your goals and building steps to achieve these 
  • Building your online employment profile

Delivery: 2.5 hour group session and 1.5 hour one on one. (total 4 hours) 

Module 2: My Steps to Interview Success  

  • How to best present yourself in an interview both face to face and on zoom
  • Preparing your answers for interview questions
  • Follow up from the interview

Delivery: 1.5 hour one on one. 

Module 3: Pitching My Project

  • How to effectively pitch your own work
  • Learning how to set review contracts
  • Basic budgeting

Delivery: 1.5 hours one on one

Module 4: Building My Personal Brand

  • Understand Personal Branding
  • Explore How This can Support Your Career Aspirations
  • Consider How To Position and Align Your Brand For Success

Delivery: 1.5 hours one on one 

Module 5: Advocacy and Leadership My Way

  • Learn about your rights at work and beyong
  • Learn about your rights as a Filmmaker
  • Learn about Leadership and
  • Consider if being a Leader is For You

Delivery: Blended – 2 hours one on one and 2 hours group session (4 hours in total)