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Bus Stop moves to AFTRS!

Apr 29, 2016

A new chapter opens for Bus Stop Films, as AFTRS (the Australian Film, Television and Radio School) are set to officially host the first BSF Film Club tomorrow. Partnering with us, the prestigious filmmaking school is opening their doors to diversity and inclusion – which began last week with Orientation Day.

The day started early at 9:30am with excited students and parents entering the building where our program manager Sarah Johnson and AFTRS Education specialist Penelope Thomas greeted them with equal excitement and wide smiles. A visible glow of awe rippled through the students as Pen handed out the official passes used for accessing facilities. With these passes, our students are able to access the studio, library, and areas otherwise restricted to the general public.

Photo 23-04-2016, 10 33 13 AM

Parents and students excitedly entering the AFTRS building

As we walked through the high-ceilinged building, fit with its glass walls and red-carpet floors, we could feel goose bumps of excitement!

Sarah led the tour to the AFTRS’ studios, which rested behind automated doors. Inside the studio, we were warned against talking lest we ruin an all-important shot, and it was suggested that we didn’t get a sudden urge to charge our phones in the power points – the voltage would see that our precious device overheat and combust! Next, Pen took a handful of students for a sneak peak of the AFTRS prop collections and to another studio room where we witnessed current AFTRS students in the middle of shooting.

Photo 23-04-2016, 10 41 06 AM

Hushed talking, as Sarah, program-manger for Film Club and tour-guide for the day, instilled the whispering rule

Once the clock struck 12, the magic didn’t end as the doors to the AFTRS library unlocked, and our students were finally able to visit this highly anticipated site. Within its walls were shelves and shelves of movies ready for borrowing, along with the librarian’s plethora of filmography wisdom. We were taught how to use the library’s resources, encouraged to scour its catalogues and reminded – heavy fines would be incurred for late returns! As our tour drew to a close, our students promised they would visit this ‘filmmaking treasure trove’.

Photo 23-04-2016, 12 06 51 PM

Intently watching a clip at the AFTRS library

We finished the day with a warm thank you to AFTRS and its staff for their generosity and kindness. Ranked as one of the top 25 film schools in the world, AFTRS is the film school where Australian filmmaking royalty is born – and we at Bus Stop, feel very privileged for this opportunity to teach our students there, and use their facilities and resources.

Photo 23-04-2016, 10 55 44 AM

Sarah testing our student’s knowledge of the AFTRS building, post-tour

Written by Belinda Tang
Edited by Genevieve Clay-Smith

Camera: William Wong and Julian Neuhaus
Editing and music by Julian Neuhaus