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Catherine represents BSF at Adelaide Film Festival!

Dec 20, 2017

On the 10th of October 2017 I attended the Adelaide Film Festival for the screening of ‘Kill Off’ on behalf of Bus Stop Films and also to represent the wonderful class I was a part of when Kill Off was filmed.

Catherine enjoys Adelaide!

My parents came along with me and we stayed in the Adelaide CBD and we explored all of Adelaide City. We saw the Cathedral, Central Markets, Adelaide Oval and shopped and shopped. On the night of the screening I was a bit nervous because I had been invited to do a speech before the screening. I practised my speech many times before the big event. My parents and I were escorted to our seats and I felt very special.

In my speech I spoke about how I was a student with Bus Stop Films for over 10 months. I learnt about scriptwriting, production, acting and being part of a wonderful team. I also learnt the street dance KRUMP. It was amazing!

Check out Catherine’s wonderful speech below!


I explained that one of the most exciting parts was travelling to Unanderra to film Kill Off and that we had an awesome weekend and I made so many new friends.

After my speech it was time to see Kill Off and a few other short films.

I had an awesome time at the Adelaide Film Festival!

I would like to thank Genevieve, the cast and crew at Bus Stop Films for this wonderful opportunity to represent Bus Stop Films.  I had the best time ever!!!!

Catherine outside the cinema screening Kill Off as part of the Adelaide Film Festival!