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Ciaran’s experience at Actors Centre Australia!

Oct 22, 2020

Recently some of our Bus Stop Films students took part in some inspiring masterclasses at Actors Centre Australia

Last month we announced our partnership with the iconic centre, which has provided world-class creative education and inspiration since 1987. One of their well-known graduates, Hugh Jackman, is a passionate long-time patron.

ACA stands behind their belief in collaboration, diversity and inclusion. Our students learnt about acting, cinematography and special effects makeup as part of the Accessible Film Studies program. You can see in the photo above the energy they were feeling!

We asked Bus Stop Films student Ciaran Ellis about his experience in the acting masterclass to get a bit more detail on what it was like…

What first attracted you to acting?

I enjoy acting because it makes me happy and occupied, as I’m playing a character that is not really me. It started for me when I began performing on stage with my first primary school.

As the years went by I have been performing, acting, singing and dancing on stage with my schools and for others, including my teachers, friends and family. I had audience members coming up to me to share their happiest reviews. I then thought acting, music and filmmaking are going to be part of my future career.

What challenge did you work through in the workshop?

On the first night we were all given little scripts on different genres. Mine was drama, and so my partner and I were thinking about our characters. We decided to play as brother and sister. The story took place in our home and when we read the script and it said “banging on door” we both thought, who could be at the door?

Was there a technique that you picked up in the masterclass that you will use in the future?

I always use the same technique as I’m getting to know each of my characters. I really enjoy learning it all, as I have been training to become an actor for 4 years. For me and my friends at Bus Stop Films and Actors Centre Australia, we all have a lot of fun acting together as a team, and we all look forward to all the fun in our future career through film and TV.