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Experimenting with dance.

May 31, 2019

Experimental Dance- film shoot

Our brilliant tutors Stef Smith and Lianne Mackessy recently directed their students on an Experimental Dance film shoot. The students worked with choreographer Virginia Ferris to develop their amazing routines. On the shoot they were joined by professionally trained dancers Mia and Natalia. The production was supported by amazing team including Mikey and Jamie, with equipment supplied through The Front and was shot in the studios at AFTRS. The films is coming together to present a stunning visual story of dance and movement. We can’t wait to share it with audiences later this year.

Dancer Mia with BSF student Chris.

Matty's amazing solo!

Matty’s amazing solo!

Mikey giving the students a run through.

Mikey giving the students a run through.

Students Chris and Dina share their experiences of the shoot

The morning of the shoot our class practiced our group dance over and over again, to get it right before we started filming. Then we went in to the studio about 10.30am to watch as they were setting up the cameras and other equipment on set. When filming started, we danced over and over again for about an hour. We also had professional dancers come in to perform. In total, there were five other dancers and they were all so different. It was amazing to see the different types of dance and movement performed by each person. It was incredible. One of our favourite moments was when the ballet dancer named Mia, danced behind a transparent sheet with orange and yellow lighting to project her silhouette. It was a beautiful image.

All of the dancers were really different and incredible in their own way- the way they moved and how they put themselves into different places. The dancing looked even better when the fog machine was used.

The cinematographer used lots of different camera angles and movements. We found it interesting when we were shown the different ways of framing and zooming in and out.

We also learnt about a camera which uses a remote control to focus.

All in all, the day went smoothly and well everyone had fun and enjoyed themselves. It was it was a very tiring day!

By Chris and Dina.


The amazing Stef Smith, Director.