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Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible to enrol? Our Accessible Film Studies Program is open to individuals who are 17 years of age or older and who have a mild to moderate intellectual disability or who live with Autism.

What is the enrolment process? Official enrolment term opens in November. Interested students can commence the enrolment process earlier via the Waitlist on our website. All enrolment applications received will be assessed by our Support and Engagement Manager or Senior Support Workers, including a phone assessment with the potential student to take place from November. Offers of places for the Program are made in January.

Can I just enrol in one term? No, enrolment in the Program is for the full year and students are liable for the full year fees.

How many students are in the class? Each class is up to a maximum of 15 students.

If I enjoy the Program, can I come back the next year? Yes, you can. The Program is a rolling program and the content is different each year as the films created explore different themes and genres.  There is much to learn about filmmaking, more than you can cover in just 40 weeks. Many participants also enjoy the social connections and friendships as well as the employment support offered through the Program, so return year to year.


The Program

How long is the program? The Program runs for 40 weeks. 3-hour weekly classes held across 4 by 10-week terms between February to December. Under our terms and conditions, enrolment is for the whole 40 weeks.

What’s included in the Program? The Program offers students a film school experience as well as many transformational outcomes such as improved literacy, social and work ready skills. Minimum program hours delivered are 120 hours of workshops plus involvement in at least one professional film shoot (approximately 10 hours). Additional film projects, screen industry excursions, masterclasses and professional workplace opportunities are offered throughout the Program.

What level of support is provided in the classroom?  Whilst our classrooms are supported by Support Workers, students who require specific support such as Auslan Interpreters, Live Captioning, one-on-one support, etc. will need to fund these through their own NDIS packages.

Is there homework or assessments? Tutors may assign homework tasks to assist students with their learning but there are no formal assessments or exams.

Does the course provide a qualification? Not formally, though many students do gain workplace opportunities from the skills they gain in our program. Many students return year on year and enjoy strengthening their creative learning.

The Filmmaking Process

Do all students make a film? Yes, the class works on a single film project as a group and makes one film project across the year.

Do participants get to act in the films? We are a film school not an acting program. There may be opportunity for students to audition for roles in class projects however there is no guarantee that they will be offered a role.

When is filming? Filming is one day and runs in Term 3. Students are required for the full 10-hour day on set.

Where can students see their film? Films made in the Program are screened at our end of year showcase events and then entered into festivals and often broadcast on TV. All students will get to see their class film.

Program Pricing and the NDIS

Statement regarding the National Disability Insurance Agency’s support for the Bus Stop Films Accessible Film Studies Program

Bus Stop Films Accessible Film Studies Program is a ‘film school like experience’ but is not a formal education program. NDIA acknowledges Bus Stop Films is not a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) nor is their Program VET accredited or required to be aligned to the ASQA training and assessment framework. It should not be rejected for consideration on the grounds that it is an educational or training support. It may be funded as an NDIS support where it satisfies the s34 “reasonable and necessary” test in the circumstances of an individual participant.

Does Bus Stop Films Provide a Service Agreement? Bus Stop Films is not a registered NDIS provider and is not required to provide students with a service agreement. We provide students with a quote letter for their NDIS planning requirements. Upon enrolment a Welcome Pack which is similar to a service agreement is provided and includes things like the outcomes from the program, tutor information, what we offer and what their responsibilities are. All students are provided this at the commencement of their enrolment.

What line item should we gain funding under in our NDIS plans? As Bus Stop Films is not a registered NDIS provider we cannot indicate which line item to fund the program under. It would be dependent on the individual’s plan and goals and how this program best aligns to these. In the past we’ve suggested that the below line items may be applicable:

  • Social and Community participation in Core Funding

However as noted above the line item will need to be determined by the plan and goals set for that person.


If a person is agency managed can they attend the program? If the person wishes to utilise NDIS funding then they will need to be either Self-Managed or Plan-Managed as we are unable to make direct claims from NDIA as we are not a registered provider. If the person is able to self-fund the program outside of their NDIS package we are able to accept their enrolment.

How much does the program cost? From 2023 the Program fees are $10,000 per year which is $2,500 per term. We invoice at the start of each term and you have until the end of that Term to pay. There is a once off non-refundable enrolment fee of $150 for new students that is required to be paid upfront.



DayTime Location
Saturdays9.30am – 12.30pmWollongong, Canberra, Adelaide, Gold Coast
Saturdays1.30pm – 4.30pmParramatta, Launceston, Perth
Sundays9.30am – 12.30pmSydney – Moore Park, Brisbane
Sundays1.30pm – 4.30pmSydney – Moore Park, Melbourne
Mondays9.30am – 12.30pmBlue Mountains
Tuesdays5:30pm-8:30pmSouthern Sydney 


Who do I contact if I have any questions? Our Program and Student Experience Coordinator is available to answer questions Tuesday to Friday. You can call (02) 7204 5010 or 0423 218 984 or email