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Bus Stop Films has a diverse range of films exploring inclusion, diversity and much more. If you would like to screen one of our films, get in touch today!

Look The Part, 2021

Sam is a cleaner working in a large theatre who has a passion to be a dancer, but is too shy to realise her dreams. When Peaches (her magical inner-diva-cum-drag queen) materialises on one night, Sam’s dreams transform into reality. She rips up a daring dance-number, to the rhythm of The Cat Empire’s beats. “Look The Part” shows us that talent comes in all shapes and sizes, and can often defy expectations.

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Ripple, 2021

Mimi, a young dancer, struggling with her confidence and self-doubt finally faces her fears when Lina, her mother, realises the cycle needs to be broken.

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It Won’t Define Me, 2021

A documentary that focuses on the theme of overcoming barriers in the sports world. Set in Commbank Stadium (the biggest stadium in the Western Suburbs of Sydney) It Won’t Define Me explores the stories of five professional athletes who have overcome significant challenges in their lives and journey to pursing professional sport. 

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The Society Experiment, 2021

A famous Cliqtuber decides to spend the night in an abandoned building and live stream throughout the night. Unbeknownst to him, the building is not abandoned but is a secret undercover government rehabilitation facility; detaining people with intellectual, emotional and physical disabilities.

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For Better, for Worse 2021

Johnny and Lizzie, who are very much in love, have just gotten engaged. When their best friend, Reuben, who introduced them to each other in the first place, refuses to be the best man at their wedding, they hatch a plan to try and convince him that they are meant for each other. Lizzie suspects there is something else at play.

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Hopeful Romatic, 2021

Daisy waits in a bar for her online date – they’re late. A man asks her for a drink and she mistakes him for the date who has stood her up. After accepting his offer, she tries to impress him by imitating the ‘cool’ girl in the bar which fails miserably. After encountering the ‘cool’ girl in the bathroom, Daisy learns things aren’t always as perfect as they seem and decides the only way to find love – is to be herself.

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We’ll Always Have Dance, 2021

A day in the life of five extraordinary ballet dancers, interviewed by six passionate, neurodiverse filmmakers with something to say about passion, inclusion and the pursuit of perfection. An insightful warm-hearted documentary celebrating the shared language of ‘dance’ between Queensland ballet’s elite talent and Bus Stop Films neurodiverse filmmakers.

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Panther in the Dark, 2021

When the priceless Panther pendant is stolen during a Christmas party, a clumsy disgraced detective with a string of unsolved cases is called into action to identify the thief.

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Sunshine, 2021

Sunshine is a short film made by Taste Creative and Bus Stop Films.

Sunshine is a family film about a waitress with trisomy 21 who notices that one of her customers is extremely upset. She goes out of her way to try and make the customer feel better, and little does she realise that her efforts have a far greater impact that she could have imagined.

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Valiant, 2021

VALIANT is a short, educational film about building and maintaining healthy relationships and developing protective behaviour skills. Through four stories, VALIANT explores issues related to consent, sexuality and healthy relationships for people with disability.

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Visible, 2020

A teenage girl goes to great lengths to be noticed by her peers and win friendships, only to realise she is enough as she is.

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This is News Radio, 2020

Two weary journalists rediscover their passion for the job through their love of music.

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Filters, 2020

A young woman living with Down Syndrome constantly compares herself to a social media influencer who appears to have the perfect body and a life to match, but she is not what she seems. 

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Job Security, 2020

A young man with autism attempts to apply for a job, but is faced with a bigoted receptionist at the world’s worst recruitment agency.

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Invisible Heroes, 2020

Eight young adults share their vision for what makes an everyday hero and why they are important.

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The Enchanted Ball, 2020

When a non-magic servant of an enchanted royal kingdom suddenly discovers she possesses magic powers, a royal prince pledges to teach her to control her new powers, while an evil Lady of the kingdom is determined to keep them apart. 

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Quest for the Golden Crystal, 2020

After the Golden Crystal – a magical object that holds the knowledge of the kingdom within it – is stolen, David and Angela must go on a dangerous journey to find and return it, or risk losing everything to an evil sorceress. 

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What was it like?, 2020

Eight filmmakers with intellectual disability interview their parents about what it was like when doctors delivered the news of their diagnosis.

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Groundhog Night, 2020

For carer Gary, moving on and keeping his family together isn’t always easy. Tensions run high when his late wife’s parents arrive unannounced after he brings home a date.

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Stairs, 2019

A young man’s dream to make a living in Ulaanbaatar is put to the test when he must navigate the social and physical obstacles in his path.

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Can You See Me?, 2019

Ellen is a widowed mother and ‘has been’ news anchor. Her late husbands DMC DeLorean is the last symbol of the vibrant and creative lives they once lived. She is overlooking something very special. Her son is becoming a man. What will it take to awaken her from this benign desperate state? Will the entire city awake with her?

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We are one, 2019

‘We Are One’ is a short film based on a poem that uses interpretative dance to tell the story of a young woman whose innocence was taken away by a war, but who fought back against the odds to reclaim her dignity and heritage.

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The Inclusive Filmmaker, 2019

Through stop motion animation three creatives share their experiences in living with a disability in the Australian film industry.

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Not a Wallflower, 2019

Ben is a spritely young man with a bright future. Living with autism is of no consequence for Ben, except when it comes to his boss, and finding love. Will Ben bloom beyond the wallflower?

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Breaking the Biz, 2019

Breaking the Biz is a documentary which tells the story of Australia’s foremost globally innovative, inclusive filmmaking organisation, Bus Stop Films and it’s mission to make the film industry inclusive of all people. The film follows the journey of Joni Campbell, a young woman with intellectual disability who enrols in Bus Stop’s accessible film studies program and undergoes the adventure making a short film with eleven of her peers with intellectual disability.

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I am Black and Beautiful, 2017

Seven Afro-Australian women explore the impact of western media on their identity and understanding of beauty.

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I am Emmanuel

Emmanuel is determined to not let the past define his future. After fleeing from war-torn Sudan with his family, he finds his new life comes with many opportunities, and equally, many challenges.

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One giant leap, 2019

A space themed, inclusively made stop motion animation which premiered at Sydney’s Vivid festival in 2019. The film was shot at AFTRS and produced by students of our Accessible Film Studies Program with funding support from Cushman & Wakefield.

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Lives in Action, 2018

Hear from six Australians challenging the intersecting barriers of disability and ethnicity.

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Ivy Music Clip, 2018

Check out this awesome film clip made by the students in our Australian Film Television and Radio School Accessible Film Studies Program for the song “IVY” by Sydney band Whitefield. Thank you to Foxtel for the use of your amazing studios to film in!!

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Kill Off, 2017

A woman with an intellectual disability forms an unlikely friendship with a Sudanese refugee through their mutual love of KRUMP.

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Gambling with Minds, 2016

A poetic, experimental documentary which voices the experiences of various mental health advocates who have lived experience of mental illness and the Australian mental health system.

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Gratus, 2016

A poetic, performative, experimental documentary that gives voice to people with lived experience of mental health issues. The Documentary explores how practicing gratitude can have a positive impact on mental health and assist in the journey of recovery after experiencing a complex mental health issue.

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Heartbreak and Beauty, 2014

A visual poem about, love, loss and passion, told through dance and movement.

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The Interviewer, 2012

Thomas Howell gets more than he bargained for at his interview with a prestigious law firm; an insult about his tie, a rendition of Harry Potter and the chance to change the lives of father and son.

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Beautiful, 2011

Two people living with a disability navigate through family and societal pressures as their relationship blossoms.

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Frances and Annie, 2010

When a young woman drops by to greet her new neighbours, her preconceptions of who is responsible for a horrendous tragedy hinges on a face and a note.

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Be my brother, 2009

Armed with nothing but charm and a dictaphone, a young man changes the perspective of two people he meets at a bus stop.

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What the War Stole

In keeping with our philosophy of sustainable relationships and mentorships, ‘What the War Stole’ is a theatre project, and the result of continued collaboration between actor Mandela Mathia (from I Am Emmanuel) and Genevieve Clay-Smith.

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Work Mate

Work Mate is an innovative short-film initiative, commissioned by Australia Post to be used as a Disability Awareness Training resource within Australia Post. The program was funded by The National Disability Employment Initiative (NDEI) administered by Workfocus Australia.

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