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Inclusive Filmmaking with comedy group Number One Friembs!

Jul 10, 2017

From Rawley,

Hi, my name is Rawley Reynolds and I am a student at Bus Stop Films. In May I had the opportunity to work  and be involved on a film set for an ABC/Screen Australia funded Fresh Blood comedy called ‘The Lost Tapes’.

Rawley slating up a storm on the set of The Lost Tapes!

I was asked to help on the film set by Stef Smith and the production company called Number One Friembs  which is run by comedians Penny Greenhalgh and Josh Ladgrove, who are also creators, writers, co-producers and lead actors for the series.  Stef Smith was the director  & co producer for this TV show and Anna the production co ordinator. This was a great opportunity to work with the camera department and help setting up the different film takes. This opportunity gave me first hand experience at being on set​ and contributing to a production. I worked with the camera department as the position of slate. The work involved  changing the take number for each scene and slating them on camera.​

All of the film production crew were really friendly and helped me with the work. I had the opportunity to work on the film set for three days and at three locations. It was fun filming at an empty medical lab, the Giant dwarf green screen studio  and the ABC ​sound stage. The sketches and characters were funny and the team enjoyed making this.​ I really enjoyed my job on working on set  updating the slate and doing the takes in front of the camera.

My favourite part was going to the ABC film studio! Thank you  to Stef and team for giving me this opportunity.

The man in action! (Stef to the right with the gorgeous wig!)

Rawley in the centre of some fabulous 1980s aerobics swagger!



From Stef,

One of my priorities as director and co-producer of the Screen Aus/ABC funded Fresh Blood series The Lost Tapes was that we create an inclusive on-set environment.  And I’m so glad that we did!  Accessible filmmaking is something I feel very strongly about, both on-screen and behind-the-scenes. Every day with Rawley on set was a joy and we were so pleased he accepted our offer to be a part of the team. I fear it’s quite easy to get bogged down in unavoidable parameters of production; tight budgets, short turn arounds and the list goes on, but committing to our inclusive film set ended up being one of the best decisions we made. I was lucky enough to be in a producing partnership with two fabulously talented and kind-hearted collaborators in Penny Greenhalgh and Josh Ladgrove who enjoyed the experience so much we all feel moving forward that inclusive film sets are something we would like to continue. We also had the support of Genevieve Clay-Smith and the tireless Bus Stop family, who I am so proud to call my friends. If you have a love of film and want to share it then consider making your next shoot an inclusive one, you won’t regret it.

The lovely Stef Smith, director of The Lost Tapes (and friend of BSF)!

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