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Inclusive Producers Attachment Program

Are you an emerging producer with a passion for inclusion?

Applications are sought from emerging producers keen to jump on board the bus and start your inclusive filmmaking journey. 

Between July to October Bus Stop Films will engage a team of emerging producers to come on board for our 2024 class short film projects as Producer’s Attachments, opening up inclusive filmmaking opportunities to 11 next generation producers. They will work with our in-house Producer Dianna La Grassa, to bring our slate of 19 inclusively made short films, being produced through our Accessible Film Studies Program, to life.

The cohort will gain professional skills development in inclusive filmmaking by attending Bus Stop’s Inclusion in Action workshop and be part of a network of producer’s passionate about inclusive filmmaking. The strategy will equip participants with skills in producing films inclusively, supporting people with disabilities on productions and producing content through a lens of inclusion, diversity and accessibility. 

Depending on the location, the attachments will be allocated to work across up to 3 films. Productions will take place between August to October 2024. Many shoots will be on weekends. All our films are shot in one day. 

Bus Stop’s class locations include – Sydney, Parramatta, Carlton (Southern Sydney), Wollongong, Coffs Harbour, Katoomba, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Canberra and Launceston.

The initiative is generously supported by Bus Stop Films with the support of Screen NSW, Screen Queensland, VicScreen, Screen Tasmania, Screen Canberra and Screenwest.

In Queensland, thanks to the support of Screen Queensland we will have two streams: an open attachment and a targeted attachment aimed at those who are Deaf, Disabled or Neurodiverse.

Applications close Thursday 20th June.

Dianna La Grassa

Dianna is Bus Stop’s resident #inclusivefilmmaking producer and Chief Operating Officer. She is an MBA graduate and has produced over 40 short films including the award winning Groundhog Night, What Was It Like? and This is News in Radio.



When do applications open?

Applications open Tuesday 11th June and close Thursday 20th June.

How long will the Inclusive Producers Attachment go for?

Engagement will be approximately 65 hours (Per Film) on non-consecutive days over a 4-5 week period including a 10 hour shoot per film. Flexible working arrangements apply around hours. The attachment will also include participation in our Inclusion in Action workshop, delivered by zoom. The role is flexible and can be done around other employment or projects. 

How much is the fee paid to the person engaged for an Inclusive Producers Attachment?

Fee paid is $1,924 including super (per short film) which is above benchmark for Level 1 and 2 on BRECA rates. 

How many films will the attachments be engaged with?

We will recruit at least 11 people to work across the 19 films. Each attachment may be allocated up to 3 short forms to work on, depending on the number of films being made in that location, for example we have 10 films across NSW but only one film in Perth, WA.  

How will the films be allocated to the Producers Attachments?

Allocations of short films and attachments will be made within each state based on the locations of the shoot and the availability of the selected participants. We are producing 19 films across the Country.

In QLD we will have two attachments: an open stream and a targeted stream for people who are Deaf, Disabled or Neurodiverse.

What sort of tasks will it involve?

  • Desktop activities – sourcing resources, booking catering, managing casting calls, attending production meetings (by zoom), liaising with cast and crew. 
  • In person activities – site rece’s, collecting unit and production items. Setting up the unit and catering on the set on the shoot day.

When will the shoots take place?

Shoots will take place between August and October. Proposed shoot dates for our 2024 class film projects are below. The Inclusive Producer’s Attachments will be expected to attend the shoot for the film/s they are allocated to.

Eligibility for the Program


Applicants must be over 18.

    • A Producer credit on at least 30 cumulative minutes of live action, narrative fiction or documentary content i.e. 2-3 short film projects. Can be across a range of platforms including online, short film, television or feature film.
    • You must be a resident of the state to which the film shoots take place.
    • Demonstrated commitment to undertake Bus Stop’s Inclusion in Action workshop.
    • For the targeted Screen QLD supported stream, applicants must identify as Deaf, Disabled or Neurodiverse.

How do I apply?

Applications open Tuesday 11th June and close Thursday 20th June.

We encourage producers from regional, CALD, Deaf/Disabled, First Nation and LGBTQI+ communities to apply.

Complete the application form and upload your CV.

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