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Inside Out review by student, Nathan Basha!

Aug 13, 2015

Inside out follows the story of 11-year-old Riley. Riley lives in Minnesota where she is very happy until her parents decide to move to San Francisco where she struggles to settle-in. The title refers to how the Inside and the Outside of each person influence each other to create complex emotions along the journey that is; life.

Riley finds it difficult to control the many conflicting emotions she feels. The film explores the importance of making mistakes, learning and how we all need to feel sad, happy, nervous, and angry at different times.

The film was mostly funny (especially my personal favourite: ‘Anger’) and fast paced with few breaks between action.

Visuals were used to create meaning through the use of colour. For example, in Minnesota the colours were bright while in San Francisco everything was grey and bleak.

The voice acting was excellent and a real highlight- especially ‘anger’ once again. Through the voices you were able to get so much emotion and character.The film was very mature on an emotional level. You could see the greater message of the film– you can’t have the perfect life, you sometimes need to be sad to be happy. It was really interesting to watch the journey through Riley’s mind.

While its not one of my favourite films, I did enjoy it and the audience loved it with lots of laughing throughout.

– Nathan Basha