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Interview with BSF Tutor Genevieve K!

Sep 18, 2019

At Bus Stop Films our programs are taught by passionate filmmakers and industry experts to give our students a holistic filmmaking learning experience. When our tutors are not working with our amazing students they are out changing the world as incredible creatives. We wanted to shine a light on the work our tutors are up to by interviewing them individually about their life outside of BSF. Check out what Genevieve Kaiser had to say!

What inspired you to become a BSF tutor?
I actually didn’t even know it was an option until the offer came! But one day when I got a call, I was so nauseatingly enthusiastic to get on board that I’m surprised it didn’t give them second thoughts. The work Genevieve (other Genevieve of course) has done to create such a beautiful initiative to make filmmaking inclusive is so inspiring that I feel so flattered to have been given the opportunity to contribute. I’d heard about Bus Stop Films since Uni when I’d seen Gen’s short film where it all began, so it’s genuinely funny to be on the tutoring side of things now.

What has been your favourite experience working with BSF?
Cliché to say there’s honestly too many to mention as my co-tutor Sophie and I have such an awesome class (no bias). I definitely have to say though, recently working on an unrelated shoot and having the lovely surprise of having one of our students working on set was delightful! He had applied through Bus Stop to work as a camera assist and it was such a joy not only to work with him because he’s an absolute champ, but also seeing him put the skills he’d learnt from class to use had me stoked – getting to see students who are interest in film as a vocation build those skills and then having those avenues opened to them is really what BSF is all about and that experience really cemented it for me.

Genevieve working as a Director and her student Ronan working as a Camera Assistant for a commercial project for Taste Creative.

How long have you been a tutor with BSF?
Less than a year! I started in January.

Can you describe your career in the film industry?
Or lack thereof! I’ve done some short films but I’d honestly say I’m still working on it – in current and previous jobs, I do a lot of work on commercial projects, TVCs and social content and music videos which I’m loving at the moment. It’s super rewarding and diverse work, but down the line I’d love to be doing short narrative and feature work!

What do you do when you’re not working at Bus Stop Films?
I’m a freelance Director and Editor. Outside of this I paint, pat a lot dogs and attempt to keep my basil plants alive (4 of the original 10 still going strong).

Are you working currently on any exciting film projects outside of Bus Stop?
Always getting to do loads of fun music video and doc projects with Desert Pea Media (shoutout!) but I’ve just finished shooting a music video for Huck Hastings which I’m really excited to start editing.

Genevieve on set of Desert Pea Media shoot. Photo credit: Grace Newell

What is your favourite film?
Oh man just one? Maybe Dr Strangelove, or legitimately anything by Alex Garland or Taika Waititi (Call me guys, I’m down for whatever, I’ll legitimately be your runner’s runner’s laundry gal).

What is your best piece of advice you would give to anyone who wants to make it in the film industry?
Don’t know why I’d be your go to for advice but for yucks: Don’t wait to have the million dollar budget – start making stuff today with what you have! If you’ve got a good script and you can legitimately shoot in your mum’s living room on an iPhone. Oh and find people you love to work with and stick to them!