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It Began With Shadow and Light

Get to know Bus Stop Films &

Bus Stop Employment

Hear from our incredible participants and their families, as well as CEO Tracey Corbin-Matchett OAM and BSE General Manager, Sarah-Jane Johnson about what makes Bus Stop Films and Bus Stop Employment such incredible programs and begin your journey into inclusive filmmaking today.

Our Stories

Ronan’s story

“I felt so proud of myself…”

Bus Stop Films Ambassador Ronan Soussa shares his BSF journey with his mother Linda.

Bus Stop Films

“Inclusion is not hard…”

Bus Stop Films Ambassador Gerard O’Dwyer discusses Bus Stop Films with CEO Tracey Corbin-Matchett OAM.

Gerard’s Story

“I like seeing that you’ve become a mentor…”

Bus Stop Films Ambassador Gerard O’Dwyer shares his story with older brother Denis.

Bus Stop Employment

“We can grow as an industry if we are more inclusive…”

BSE Member Sam Riesel chats with General Manager Sarah-Jane Johnson about inclusion and Bus Stop Employment’s significance.

Audrey’s Story

“Film saved my life.”

Bus Stop Films Ambassador Audrey O’Connor shares her beautiful story with her mother Christine. 

Reuben’s Story

“I’m feeling very proud of you…”

Reuben Vuong and mother Miranda discuss their Bus Stop Films journey and adventure.

Sam’s Story

“The people I have met have been so lovely…”

Bus Stop Employment Member Sam Riesel shares his inclusive on-set experience with General Manager Sarah-Jane.

Bus Stop Films

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Bus Stop Employment

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