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Jordan’s travel notes and reflections on his time with Bus Stop Films, so far…..

Dec 18, 2017

Hi, I’m Jordan. I’ve been a student part of the Bus Stop Film program since 2015. When I signed up to do the film course I would have never dreamed that one day I would go to the USA. In September I set off on an adventure of a lifetime – it was my first time going to the USA. It was also the first time I had ever been to a film festival. I was so excited that I was asked to go. I felt very honoured. I also felt a little bit nervous to be representing my class and Bus Stop Films for “Kill Off” a film we made together in 2015.


This is me, Jordan. behind the scenes, making “Kill Off”


After a very long plane trip, and 2 connecting flights, Mum and I arrived in Aberdeen, South Dakota. This is in America’s midwest. We were prepared to watch all 66 films at the festival. In the end saw 34 films over the 4 days, including seeing “Gratus” and “Kill Off” both by Bus Stop Films. “Kill Off” was the only film to have an encore screening. Brent Brandt, one of the festival’s producers said the film was THAT good, “Kill Off” deserved to be shown twice in the programme!

Me and Jamie Brewer the star in “Kill Off”

I was so happy to hear the audience’s loud applause, so many people came up to me afterwards and the days following to say how much they enjoyed our film. Also, they couldn’t believe I travelled all the way from Australia to attend the festival!

“Kill Off” won the Jury Award For Inspiration. I got to go up on stage to accept the award with Eleanor Winkler, one of the producers, and my friend Jamie Brewer, who played the lead role in “Kill Off”. “Gratus” won the award for Best Short Experimental Film.

Me, as the clapper loader “Action”!


Many people I met remember another Bus Stop film: “The Interviewer”, and how good it is. I am so proud to be a student of Bus Stop Films!

I have always loved watching movies from a young age and now I’m a big fan of short films. I am so thankful to Genevieve and Bus Stop for giving me the opportunity to go on this trip. The local people I met in Aberdeen are amazing, and I hope one day to return. I was fortunate too to meet and talk to directors, writers, actors and producers. One thing I learned is that everyone has a story to tell. And I hope one day to tell my stories through short films and to continue my studies with Bus Stop.