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Meet our AFTRS tutor Kate Vinen

Aug 12, 2021

Class Location: AFTRS/Sydney

The classes are well into the year now – what have been your favourite moments? 

My favourite moments have been when students share their experiences, or what they love, and connect it to the power of storytelling. I have been surprised how each student brings their own unique perspective and passions to the classroom.

What drew you to work for Bus Stop? 

I recently completed a Masters in Documentary Directing at the Australian Film, Television and Radio School (AFTRS) and wanted to share my skills with younger filmmakers. I was drawn to working for Bus Stop Films as I believe in inclusivity and love the idea of sharing my skills to create more understanding in the world.

Kate on the Best of the Bus red carpet with one of our amazing BSF students! 

 What are your hopes for the class this year? 

I hope my class learns the art of true collaboration which is all about inclusivity and that we have a really fun time making a film together!

I hope the film reflects issues that are personal and meaningful to the students and which makes them proud to share with audiences.

Tell me about what you’re working on outside of Bus Stop. What makes you feel excited to be working on it?

I am working on a few different projects including a series called Witch House, and a feature script currently titled Promised Land which is loosely based on my grandparent’s experience as refugees in Australia after the holocaust.

I am excited to be working on them because when completed, they will share my perspective with audiences.

I also enjoy the adventure of filmmaking and working closely with a team of talented, passionate creatives to create something larger than ourselves.

A still from the film Auntie’s Last Supper which Kate directed at AFTRS