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Meet Rawley the Co-Director of Groundhog Night

Jun 4, 2020

With the exciting announcement of the world premiere of BSF produced short film, Groundhog Night at this year’s Sydney Film Festival, we took the opportunity to sit down with the film’s Co-Director, and BSF student, Rawley Reynolds to find out what he loved about his experience working on set. Check out the full interview below!


  1. How long have you been studying film?

I have been studying film for 7 years starting at Community College Rozelle then 5 years with Bus Stop Films. I have been attending their program at the Australian Film TV & Radio School (AFTRS) for the last few years.


  1. Why do you love film and want to be a director?

I am passionate about the film industry and enjoy having opportunities to work within this interesting industry. I watch 2 to 3 films weekly and take interest in the way films are directed.

I enjoy the way directors can control the direction of the overall film. Also directing gives opportunities to collaborate with other industry partners.


  1. What films have you made in the past and which one was your favourite?

In September 2018 our class worked on a Music video clip with the band Whitfield and we were involved in the shoot at Foxtel’s studios. I really enjoyed working with the whole class on this project.


  1. What was it like working on Groundhog Night?

This was a great opportunity and experience for me. All the team were friendly and helpful. I worked on the script with Genevieve before the filming. It was interesting filming on location with the cast and crew. I had the opportunity to learn from all the crew about what is involved in the making of a short film. The shooting schedule was different than I expected. It was interesting to see how this was planned and changed over the day. I learnt a lot from the crew and their different roles that they had in making this film. The green room was a good experience and interesting to see the film coming together.

To watch the trailer to the film, click here