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Movie review: The LEGO Ninjago TV Series (2017)

Sep 14, 2021

Our students at Bus Stop are passionate about films, not surprisingly. We’ve asked a few to submit reviews of their favourites which you might like to check out. Here’s the third instalment, of The LEGO Ninjago – TV Series. Review by Evelyn Atkins.

Hello, my name is Evie. And I’m Autistic. I may think in a way that’s more child-like and open to different ways of being, but if you could please put your critical and adult views aside and read my thoughts on this 10 year long running LEGO® show, Ninjago. That would be greatly appreciated, as it’s one of my special interests.

Ninjago is a computer-animated show which was created to coincide with the LEGO® series of the same name which first premiered in 2011.

The Danish/Canadian show stars 6 ninja with elemental powers, along with their sensei Master Wu and other recurring characters. They go on adventures, fighting for the city of Ninjago.

It’s got a mix of action, adventure, comedy, and drama and is balanced well throughout the series.

The writing is gold, the music fits the theme, the animation improves in each season with it’s good use of colours and tones to fit the scene, and the characters are well developed and have deep backstories and journeys of self-discovery.

In season 8, everyone got new character designs, which I prefer, and a change in one of the characters, Lloyd, who’s one of the ninja.

He was originally voiced by Jillian Michaels from seasons 1 to 7 when Lloyd’s a kid, but due to Lloyd’s more adolescent growth at the end of season 7, Lloyd, from season 8 is now voiced by Ed Edd n Eddy voice actor, Sam Vincent.

Lloyd is the son of Lord Garmadon, one of the main villains who appeared in earlier seasons, and made a return in season 8.

Lloyd was originally a child who was trying to be evil like his father, but he wasn’t very good at it.

Once Master Wu and the other ninja take him in and discover that Lloyd is destined to be the Green Ninja, he focuses on being good and training with the other ninja.

He is now kind, mature, wise and the leader of the group. He’s also my favourite character since season 8 at least. I find him more soothing and warm, and I like his voice.

Kai (Vincent Tong) is the red ninja with the elemental power of fire. He was one of the four original ninja from the two pilot episodes. He’s very loyal to his friends, and especially his younger sister, Nya.

He tends to be hot-headed, and cocky, but he will always look out for others and protect them if he needs to. I like his smoothness in situations and when he yells “Fiyaahh!”

Jay (Michael Adamwaite) is the blue ninja with the elemental power of lightning. He was one of the four ninja from the two pilot episodes.

He’s quirky, good at mechanics, and gets excited or anxious depending on the situation. Like the other ninja, he’s very loyal, especially towards his girlfriend Nya. I think he’s adorable, especially in season 8 +.

Zane (Brent Miller) is the white/titanium ninja with the elemental power of ice. He was one of the four original ninja from the two pilot episodes. He’s smart, kind, quiet, and has all the knowledge you need. In earlier seasons, he wasn’t great with social skills and didn’t have much of a sense of humour.

However, after discovering something about himself that he and none of the others knew about him, and embracing it, he starts to develop himself more, while still retaining his intellect.

Zane was my original favourite when I started watching the show last year, as I could relate to the struggle of fitting in and not understanding what my peers were saying or doing.

And also finding out something I didn’t know about myself, but in my case others did know, and then trying to find my identity all over again.

Cole (voiced by the late Kirby Morrow, seasons 1 – 14, and to be replaced by an as yet to be announced new voice actor) is the black ninja with the elemental power of earth.

He was one of the four original ninja from the 2 pilot episodes, as well as the original leader. He’s strong, down to earth, and loves food, especially cake. He shines in every scene he’s in, with funny dialogue and cute quirks.

Nya (Kelly Metzger) is the grey/blue ninja with the elemental power of water. She’s Kai’s younger sister and doesn’t like being referred to as “the girl ninja”.

She’s also a mechanic like Jay and is strong-willed and quite stubborn at times, like her brother. Despite this, she’s loyal to her friends, especially Jay.

Overall, I think that Ninjago is an amazing animated series for anyone who likes adventures and deep topics like identity. I give this show 4.5/5 stars. 

Here’s some inspo from the LEGO NINJAGO Movie trailer.