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Movie review: Unbroken (2014)

Sep 7, 2021

Our students at Bus Stop are passionate about films, not surprisingly. We’ve asked a few to submit reviews of their favourites which you might like to check out. Here’s the first one, of 2014 Coen Brothers war film Unbroken. Review by Chris Bunton. 

Unbroken is a story about Louis Zamperini – an Olympic track star who become a pilot during WWII and endures a brutal struggle for survival when the Japanese captures him.

Angela Jolie brought the book Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand to our screens. Jolie has brought the essence of how people were treated during WWII. This story has a strong message about a brutal struggle for survival with a strong belief that being resilient and never giving up can led us to be Unbroken.

I like how Angelina Jolie brought this book onto the big screen by showing us the true story of Louis.

Besides this story, I loved how the cinematographer and the art department used the elements of mise en scene to visualise this historical biopic and to show us how tough you must be to become Unbroken. I loved how the writers used the genres to visualise how the story should be told in the context of WWII.

I think this film would interest people who are willing to sit through a hard-hitting story about how to be resilient in very tough times, and people who are interested into a biopic historical drama about a strong wielded, resilient pilot during events of WWII.