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Our trip to The Voice

Jun 12, 2018

Our students excited to head into The Voice!

Everyone was buzzing with excitement as we waited to go in!

I asked a few of our class members what they were most excited about:

Charlotte and Joni were hoping to meet the judges – “that would be totally awesome!” they both said. “And we’re hoping to learn more about how the show is put together and how it’s all done.”

Chris said he would like to learn and have fun!

At the front gate we were met by our tour guides, Rebecca and Maria who led us through the main entrance and straight to the makeup room.

It was so interesting to see where all the dancers and performers get their makeup done for the show.  One of the Bus Stop students asked how many crew members it takes to get everything ready. Incredibly, there are 48 crew working to prepare for the live shows.

One of the most exciting moments was being able to see the room where the contestants have their the one on one chats with their mentors. Surprisingly, the room was a lot bigger than it looks on Television and there were plenty of props and instruments which made it all really interesting.

One of the students asked how they make it look like there is sun shining through the windows on set: As it turns out, it’s just the clever use of backing lights to create this illusion!

And then there was time for the students to ask a few questions. Immediately, hands went up.

“How many lights are there in this one room alone?” asked one student.

“There are 80 light fixtures in the one room!” said one of our tour guides.

“How long does it take to prepare everything for the show” asked another student.

“The crew have to design and prepare all the costumes and sets one week before the live shows! The contestants also only have one week to learn their songs before they perform them in front of a live audience and the rest of Australia.” Gasp!

We also learnt lots of interesting facts about the way the show is made.

During the tour, we had a sneak peek of the V-room, where they film exclusive ‘behind the scenes’ clips of the contestants! It was great!

The highlight of the tour was definitely watching the contestants during their rehearsals! The students had a blast watching all the performances.

First, we watched Sheldon’s spectacular performance of ‘Born This Way’ by Lady Gaga. There were lots of flashing lights and a smoke machine!

Next, we watched AP perform ‘I will wait’ by Mumford and Sons!

Everyone loved it and clapped along to the rhythm. Mixing it up a bit was Jacinta with ‘Shake It Off’ by Taylor Swift! This was such a fun performance to watch as it had lots of dancers and an awesome set design!

Perhaps one of the most moving performances was from Ben Clark who sang, ‘Nessun Dorma.” His powerful rendition gave us all goose bumps!

This was a hard act to follow, but Sally did well singing an emotional performance of ‘I Miss You’, followed by Ben Sekali singing ‘Call Out My Name.’ The final and perhaps one of the most funs performances, was Chang Po Ching singing the groovy ‘Johnny B Goode’!

It was so awesome to tour The Voice!

At the end of rehearsals, we asked a few of our class members to rate their top performances. Chris’s favourite performance was Johnny B Goode and Digby enjoyed Sheldon’s version of Born This Way! Ashley thought Sally was the best.

The students were all surprised by how much work goes into stage preparation and how fast the crew were able to move the sets about after each performance. Although crew members have their specific roles – the end result is definitely a collaborate effort. At the end of the excursion we went outside to take some photos and were greeted by two of the voice contestants – AP and Ben Clark! They took photos with each of the students. Everyone had a great time at The Voice studios and enjoyed every part of the learning experience!

Written By Georgia Partridge – Work Experience Student.