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Be My Brother

A short film supported by MetroScreen, Winner Best Film and Best Male Actor, Tropfest 2009.

Too often those with a disability are marginalised in the community and face many barriers to having their wants, needs, opinions and desires communicated to and recognised by society at large. Be My Brother is a short film that endeavours to give voice to one young man’s story.

This heart-warming film was inspired by the lead actor Gerard O’Dwyer. Gerard, lives in Sydney, is a keen actor, avid swimmer and has Down Syndrome. Be My Brother shakes audiences out of complacency to realise there are many abilities that lie behind the exterior label of ‘disability.’

Be my Brother was written and Directed by Genevieve Clay-Smith and starring Gerard O’Dwyer and Megan Cooper. A full cast and crew list can be found on IMDB.

Be My Brother has been screened across the globe and has become a training resource for schools and community groups across Australia. Four years on from its creation, the film is still winning awards and being screened across Europe and North America.

© 2009 – run time 7 minutes