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Gambling with Minds

A poetic, experimental documentary which voices the experiences of various mental health advocates who have lived experience of mental illness and the Australian mental health system.

Excitingly in June Bus Stop Films rolled out a 10 week documentary studies program for individuals who have a lived experience of mental health issues. Funded by 3 Bridges Community through their Partners in Recovery (PIR) program, students joined the Bus Stop documentary studies workshops to engage in an accessible ‘film school experience’. This unique experience allowed these students to participate in an inclusive program without the barriers mainstream classes often present in the early stages of recovery.  Bus Stop Films worked with six people who have lived experience of complex mental health issues and who have experienced the Australian mental health system to produce a documentary about their experience in order to raise awareness and advocate for more mental health awareness in society and suggest changes within the mental health system.

Over the 10 week program students had the opportunity to learn about the various modes of documentary,  a brief history of the documentary  form and the opportunity to participate in filmmaking at a professional level.

Documentary filmmaking is a powerful medium to give those who are often sidelined in society a voice and to give audiences a different perspective of the world. Furthermore filmmaking is an incredible way to teach skills such as team work, communication and it also builds confidence in people as they discus their ideas and overcome challenges.

Bus Stop’s mission is to ensure that our diverse and marginalised communities are heard and represented within the Australian and international cinematic landscape. Gambling with Minds is a short film project which produces an authentic voice on the subject of mental health through the stories it tells.