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I Am Emmanuel

Produced by Australian Film, Television and Radio School, with the Bus Stop Films model and production team.

I Am Emmanuel had its world premiere at the 2014 Palm Springs Short Shorts Festival.

Starting a new life in Australia should be full of opportunities for 21-year-old Sudanese refugee, Emmanuel. However, the struggle to leave the past behind after war, proves more difficult than expected. With the uncertainty of whether his missing father will be found and with the pressure to keep his family afloat financially, Emmanuel must us find a way to stay strong in a household where hope seems to be fading fast. A love of dance and the desire for connection, might just be enough to help Emmanuel hold onto his dream; a future that is free from the remnants of war.


Director: Genevieve Clay-Smith.
Co-Producer: Isha Kamara
Writers: Genevieve Clay-Smith, Noel Franco, Mandela Mathia
Cinematographer: Nicola Daley
Steadicam: Andrew Johnson
Production Designer: Roslyn Durnford
Editor: Adrian Rostirolla
Composer: Jonny Higgins

Emmanuel: Kon Marol AKA (Mili)
Elijah: Mandela Mathia
Tidilo: Achol Madat
Anita: Agol Thep
Kidden: Luk Thep
Anna: Forever Tupou

© 2013 – run time 20 minutes