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Rawley at Panavision!

Sep 22, 2016

Hi my name is Rawley and I did some work experience at Panavision for four weeks in August. While I was there, I had the opportunity to work with Panavision’s Technical Marketing Executive,  Andrew Collier. I travelled to a film location with Andrew to deliver a camera part, I went with Andrew to return sub-rented equipment and Andrew also showed me how to set up an Arri Alexa camera. I really enjoyed learning from Andrew, travelling to locations and filming with him. My favourite part was learning about testing the cameras. I worked with a preparation technician. I did lens collimation checking using a Sony F55 – that was exciting.


This is a photo I tool of a camera on a dolly.

I was shown around Panavision areas such as the camera and lens storage section and the service department which included a lens projector in a dark room. The machine shop had a lathe, mill and 3D printer. I learnt how to make case labels from creation on the computer. There was an engraving machine for labels too. The camera orders are made in a preparation area and wheeled on a trolley to either the commercial test bay or the feature test bay – it was very exciting to observe.


This is a photo I took of where they test the lenses on cameras this chart makes sure they are working.

My favourite memory was being able to test the new high definition camera called a Red Epic Dragon 6K – it shoots a lot of information.

Overall my experience was great, I  really enjoyed the work experience at Panavision. I liked learning about the different types of cameras that are used for films and TV shows. The staff were friendly, I had coffee from the Panacafe, I met The Service Department manager, the Preparation Tech Manager and the Preparation Supervisor, I also learned that the client contact is the person that takes bookings, I even got to have a good chat with Panavision’s Managing Director, Paul Jackson.

I want to thank Panavision for giving me this opportunity, I learned a lot and enjoyed my time there.

By Rawley Reynolds