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READY. SET. MIRO! The journey begins…

Apr 15, 2016

On Tuesday 22nd March 2016, a group of Bus Stop Films students set out to undertake what would become a challenging yet vastly exciting opportunity for them all. They were tasked with the prospect of joining the set of “Miro” – a heartbreaking story of an Indigenous soldier returning home from WWII only to find that his life has been ripped out from beneath him.

Feeling like they couldn’t miss out, our students braved the 6 hour trek into central NSW town, Condobolin. This country town was the perfect setting for a story rich with Australian culture.

Getting to Condobolin went off without a hitch, with no time wasted. Some of our lucky students, George and Adam, were immediately whisked away with the wonderful producers, Fran and Armi, and taken for their first task of the day: tracking down props for the essential, first scene at sunrise. No time to rest for these emerging filmmakers!

Arriving bright and early the following day, our students were introduced to all of the different departments that make up the well-oiled machine that is a film set. They put their best foot forward and were given the opportunity to help out in the sound and camera departments, grips unit and some even operated the behind the scenes camera!


“I’ve learnt how important continuity is on a film set. Also how a smoke machine creates atmosphere. The frame highlights the actors, more than the walls, when smoke is used.”



When it came time to move to the second location for the final scene, no one was prepared for what happened next. Two Bus Stop students stepped into roles as extras and experienced first hand what it was like to be on camera! They got the whole shebang with hair, make-up, and costume, before needing to follow the director’s instructions for their scene.

All made-up and ready for shooting.

The lucky Bus Stop student: all made-up and ready for shooting.

All of the students made industry contacts, found out how far they could push themselves outside of their comfort zone and they discovered a world of professional filmmaking that is, as we all know, extremely exclusive and hard to crack.

“I may be able to find a job as an on set nurse and use my nursing degree again.”



Above all, we at Bus Stop Films would also like to especially thank our partner 3 Bridges Community and Rachel Henderson who administrates our program, Sarah Johnson the program’s tutor who facilitated and organised the excursion as well as the wonderful producers, cast and crew of Miro. They welcomed us with open arms and ensured that the class had an unforgettable time – it was a rare experience that was appreciated in its entirety.


I can’t believe how amazing this program has been. I joined thinking I’d learn how to shoot movies on an iPhone. I never imagined I would find myself HERE on set, learning so much!



“Thank you for the most incredible experience on set, I had such an amazing time & learnt so much from so many departments.”



The Bus Stop trekkers all for that Condobolin Feature Film experience

Written by Ashley Meeraiya,
Student Facilitator
Bus Stop Films

Edited by Belinda Tang