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Ronan’s experience as a Camera Assistant with Taste Creative!

Sep 12, 2019

At Bus Stop Films we love finding our students paid work experience in the film industry, which allows them to grow professionally and develop their work-ready skills! To achieve this we’re lucky enough to partner with some incredible companies who offer meaningful employment opportunities for our students.

Recently our student Ronan was selected to work as a paid Camera Assistant on a commercial project with our sister company Taste Creative. Ronan impressed the entire crew, his mentor and Camera Assistant Andrew James said “I really enjoyed working with Ronan. I found his willing attitude and the way in conducted himself on set to be impressive and of great help. I was most impressed with his reflective listening skills, which he consistently displayed whenever I explained to him a new task or process. He would clarify and wouldn’t be afraid to ask follow up questions if needed. If only more crew would do this!!!! I’d be happy to have Ronan on set any day.”

Now check out what Ronan had to say.

My name is Ronan Soussa. I want to tell you about an awesome opportunity I was given through the Bus Stop Films program to work with the Taste Creative team as a Camera Assistant. The project was to make a brand film.

Firstly, when I found out I was given the job I was so honoured. I knew it meant I was going to be working with some great people who were going to teach me a lot. When I arrived at Crew call in the morning everyone welcomed me to the team. Then the fun began!!

I learnt how to handle and move equipment to different locations, how to put the camera stands together, how different effects are done for filming and I was taught how to handle the RONIN camera, which made me laugh because it was like my name!

I also got involved in some hand acting by holding a bottle of beer and turning the pages in a book for the film. I learnt so much and was really excited to get involved wherever I could.

The crew at Taste Creative were so kind, helpful and generous. I had the most awesome day and can’t wait for any future opportunities to do it all again.
Thanks Bus Stop Films and Taste Creative!
Ronan Soussa