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Sarah: Program Manager and Bus Stop Films Advocate

Aug 19, 2016

Sarah’s been with Bus Stop Film’s since the early days – first as a classroom support worker, now as our program manager and tutor of the AFTRS supported Film Club! She’s an irreplaceable member of the Bus Stop’s small team; without her talents, knowledge and dedication, many of the opportunities and workshops just wouldn’t have been possible.

She brings not only enthusiasm and warmth to her role, but also an abundance of experience with 7 years as a teacher and personal development planner for people living with disability. Sarah’s a warrior of justice, risking her life at times for vital messages to be shared as seen by her work documenting forgotten injustices, particularly within Africa.

We were able to catch up with Sarah and learn more about her!



How did you become involved in Bus Stop Films? What drew you to the role?

 I became involved with Bus Stop Films after realising I was a ‘non-linear’ career person- yep that’s a thing! I’d studied film in my under-grad but I had such a strong passion for social justice.

Thankfully I met Genevieve around this career crisis 5 years ago. I heard her story and the great work that could be done with the medium of film – I was so inspired!! As they say in the movies, the rest is history!



How has Bus Stop Films and your role evolved?

 Bus Stop films has gone from strength to strength. From the first project I was involved with, ‘The Interviewer’, I’ve been lucky enough to witness the manifold impact on each student in the Bus Stop classroom, set and production process. I started out as a volunteer and classroom support worker and that evolved into teaching a little documentary-making and theory lessons, before diving in and writing more classes and managing programs and opportunities for students. I am now their Program Manager and can honestly say no day is ever the same!

We are constantly looking for opportunities to grow each students’ potential and open doorways to more inclusive practise for the film-industry.



What do you enjoy most about your being part of Bus Stop Films?

What I’ve enjoyed most is seeing all the student’s that are part of the program reach new levels of personal potential. I especially love seeing beaming faces of the students on a film set at 5:30am!


What is one of your favourite moments from Bus Stop Films?

My favourite moment would have to be, seeing the students receive awards from all over the world, at the Premiere of Heartbreak and Beauty in 2014.


Bus Stop Films has recently formed new partnerships with different organisations such as 3Bridges and AFTRS. How do you fit in with these, and what have you learned from these experiences?

The Bus Stop Films relationship with AFTRS has been a wonderful and an intuitive response to the great results Bus Stop was gaining with students who haven’t had access to film school, previously. Currently I have the privilege of teaching our alumni group at AFTRS, who have been involved with Bus Stop for 5 years. AFTRS is one of the top film schools in the world. How remarkable that in partnership with AFTRS, Bus Stop Films can create a pathway for those who haven’t traditionally been able to enjoy the state of the art facilities and calibre of education, now have an open doorway.

The 3 Bridges Community partnership has been our first Bus Stop program with people in mental health recovery. It’s been an incredible adventure for Bus Stop. We have seen really talented students find creative gifting with story-telling. Both Genevieve and I have had the opportunity to help 14 people through this program in two collaborative film projects. The mode of choice was poetic and performative documentary.

We have learned capacity building as rounding off the 2nd 3 Bridges program, marks three films in 4 months. I have learned SO much.. too much to mention… ummm…

  1. Stick to your budget
  2. Be thankful for all the incredible people who join the adventure
  3. Don’t panic and
  4. Have a laugh!




What are your hopes for Bus Stop Films in the future?

I see Bus Stop films making its mark all around the world as both an advocacy tool, awareness raising tool, but most importantly a wonderful vessel to continue to help people unlock their creative potential via the film-medium…. Unlimited by language and cultural barriers… Bus Stop Global?