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Shay’s Experience As A Camera Assistant at the Arts Activated conference!

Oct 17, 2019

At Bus Stop Films we love finding our students paid work experience in the film industry, which allows them to grow professionally and develop their work-ready skills! To achieve this we’re lucky enough to partner with some incredible companies that offer meaningful employment opportunities for our students.

Our student Shay was selected to work as a paid Camera Assistant for the 2019 Arts Activated conference, which is one of Australia’s leading forums for making arts and culture in Australia more accessible for artists and audiences with disability or who are Deaf. Shay spent the day assisting Julian Neuhas who documented all of the panels and social events that were part of this fantastic conference!

Now check out what Shay had to say.

My Name is Shay Bell. My Bus Stop Films teacher is Elias.

I started at Bus Stop Films this February at the Parramatta location supported through Information Cultural Exchange (I.C.E) after going to a trial lesson last year. We have studied the components of the camera, the various camera shots and angles, roles in a film, brainstorming for storylines and scriptwriting. So far I have particularly enjoyed studying Virtual Reality (VR).

Shay being interviewed about his experience at Arts Activated.

My responsibilities during my work experience at ArtsActivated were to watch Julian edit the video and help him with the footage. I learned a lot about how to edit in Final Cut Pro editing program. I also got a chance to hold the camera, which was very exciting. I really enjoyed learning more about film editing from watching Julian because I hope to have the opportunity to have a job involving film editing someday. I also liked the wide variety of food that was offered for lunch!