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Slap Stick Master Class with Craig Anderson

Mar 26, 2018

This Post Has Been Personally Written By The Students Of Program 1 At Bus Stop Films.​

Program 1 students with Craig Anderson. Such a fun class!

He is a lovely man. And a very funny man too. He is a legend.

Thank you Craig, we enjoyed your company, thank you so much. We appreciate it. Thank you for teaching us how to do some slapstick. We enjoyed talking about film structure and acting out moments from Wall-E. We enjoyed following the instructions and advice .

Matthew, Maddy and Ashley!!

The first thing we did in the lesson was learn about slapstick. We got to stand up and one of us ‘slapped’ and the other one ‘clapped’. James and Craig demonstrated to the class how to do it, and then Ashley and Ellen made a video. The video is included in this blog to watch below.

What a fun class!!!

Maddy and Ashley

Then we learnt about story structure by discussing The Lion King and Wall-E. Some students acted out moments from Wall-E.

Then we played a tableau game where we split into two groups and in each of the groups we made a story in four parts through four images. One groups story was of a love triangle with Maddy, Ashley and Matthew. The other group was a sleeping woman played by Charlotte, who is woken up by some construction workers. She goes to yell at them but instead joins in the construction. Craig did a good job demonstrating the actions and helping us.

Bevan, Monica, Reuben, Matty and Charlotte.

We had so much fun with Mr Craig Anderson, it was a pleasure meeting him. Bevan wanted to say how much he appreciated the advice and thought.


James and Craig holding the DVD of Craig’s film “Red Christmas”.

Craig Anderson is an Australian director and actor with a passion for comedy.