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Student’s visit the set of feature film, Sci-Fi Version 1!!

Oct 1, 2015

On September 18th, two of our students, Alessio and Jordon from Bus Stop Films, were invited to explore the set of Sci-Fi Version 1, a new science fiction thriller starring Twilight’s Kellan Lutz and Daniel McPherson. Find out what they learned and saw!

photo 1

Jordon, you enjoyed your time on set, what did you find the most interesting?

I got to see all the cameras, equipment and props. One of the main props was a big spaceship and looked very cool from the outside. Meeting everyone like the director and producer was exciting as well.

Did you learn anything new?

I learnt all the things the director says when filming. I got to see how they control the lights and the different colours. I also saw how they timeline the scenes on a big board using storyboards.

What areas of the set did you visit?

I went into the room where they make the costumes and got to see someone painting a giant monster when we came in. I also got to go into the make up truck and sit on the side of the set as they were filming, we got to see Daniel McPherson acting in a spaceship.

Alessio, how about you, what did you find the most interesting?

The Alien costumes and props were my favourite and interesting thing – they looked so real even though they were made of plastic bags, glue and a lot of spraypaint.

Name two of your favourite places on set to visit:

I visited the video split where the movie is watched as it’s being filmed. I loved visiting behind the split on one camera there was a cartoonish storyboard and the other one was what they were shooting, they watched the storyboard and shot side by side to make sure they were getting the right shot and angles. I also visited the wardrobe department and where the hair and makeup is done.

photo 5

 Sci Fi Version 1, is midway through production in Australia, with production company XYZ Films repping worldwide sales and screening exclusive footage for buyers in Toronto.

 It’s estimated the film will have a mid 2016 release. Watch out for it!